CASH MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS'S  private proprietary accounting network, using specialized software and hardware that is accessible 24/7 by the business, will permit the following:

  • Electronic crediting and debiting  of business cash revenue. 

  • Efficient electronic assignment of cash to business associates and employees, reducing the number of armored service calls. 

  • Reduces risky transfers, hand sorting and balancing. 

  • Eliminates bouncing in, out of and around financial institutions that are forced to discriminate against cannabis businesses. 


  • Cash from POS is secured directly into the system with full accounting, ready for distribution by simple use of a user ID and PIN. 
  •  Reduce theft from cash exposure. Cash is stored in secured safes with restricted access controlled by the business owner. 

  • Stop time consuming hand bookkeeping, bill counting and hand cash balancing.

  • Remove payment delays.

  • Cut down exorbitant ​armored services expenses.  


Haven't you had enough?


Deposit, withdraw, and pay business associates and employees out of the Cash Management System networked from your own store to all other establishments using the CMS system and network with minimal cash contact.  

  • Slashes costs of handling cash manually by cutting the number of armored service runs, reducing the time used to count cash receipts, thus eliminating opportunities for cash losses.

  •  This is NOT an ATM. CMS is not connected to any bank and does not accept checks, credit cards or debit cards. 

  • Completely private cash management system network.  It's your money. Keep more of it securely on your property.